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The D+trail 5.6 set amidst the most awe inspiring scenery of the Dolomites, a UNESCO world heritage site, offers you an exciting ride or walk through enchanting valleys, woods, pastures and peaks.
It can be considered a challenging run for Ultra-trail enthusiasts or simply  a slow  multi-day Trek where you can admire the beauty of the mountains  and experience the peace  and serenity of the area. For mountain bikers instead  the trail can be an ultimate extreme challenge for the hard-core rider or simply a less challenging adventure ride for those looking for a scenic ride and wanting to discover new places, cultures, traditions, and sample local cuisine.
This adventure trail takes you through  some extremely  scenic  areas in Comelico,  Sappada, Carnia, Alta Pusteria and Cadore.  A journey of over 180 km with an elevation gain of over  6800 metres and at the completion of the trail you will receive the much- sought after DoloMitiCo trophy. The Trail symbols will guide you along the route, make sure to follow the “shoe” sign if you are a Runner  or the “bike” sign if you are a Biker.

Don’t forget to collect all the  beads  that you will find a the checkpoint locations along the trail. With these you can make yourself a precious necklace which will become an unforgettable souvenir of an exciting adventure in the Dolomites. You will also need it to collect the DoloMitiCo trophy, a unique work of local craftsmanship.


Start between the months of May through to October , collect your Back Pack at one of the D+ Info Points and follow the entire sign that will accompany you along the common ways of the route, the "shoe" sign along the Running Trail and the "bike" sign along the Bike Trail.


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